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          Blink Development is thorough and well versed when it comes to Orange County Internet marketing. Blink Development is your source to Online Marketing and Digital Ads Through email blasts Blink Development is able to share with both new and past customers updates and specials regarding your brand. Banner Ads are a great way to invite new customers to your site and fill them in on the latest news relating to your brand.

Blink Development is more than just an Orange County Web Design firm, we offer our clients a full-service option when it comes to website building and management and we strive to offer the our clients the very best. Digital marketing can be accomplished through a few different mediums such as remarketing and banner ads, email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, and social media. Each is important in its own right and imperative in building a strong brand along with a postive online presence and we are your answer to Orange County Internet Marketing needs. 

Online Marketing Options

Blink Development your source to SEO, internet marketing, and web development Orange County.Through Social Media we are able to provide your brand the opportunity to gain fans, followers, and subscribers along with an opportunity to interact with one another over a common interest on the internet. We do the legwork by interacting with your customers on various social media platforms creating a strong online presence. Social media is an ever-changing world and Blink Development's Digital Marketing Team is always on top of the latest advancements in social media and well versed on the best practice to maintain a positive social media presence. 

Another way digital marketing can positively influence your brand is by giving your site traffic a push through SEO and driving your Organic traffic and also an effective pay-per-click campaign. This allows us the platform to drive interested customers to your site. Through both Google and Microsoft advertising platforms we create influential custom ads and choose the best target specific keywords to ensure the best potential clients are seeing your ads. With SEO we optimize both on page and off to also ensure the most eligible customers are able to see your content on the internet. However the creation of these ads, and the on page optimizations are not an end all for your traffic we also constantly monitor and manage your ads to be sure they are targeting, as they should. We strive to work hand in hand with your staff to ensure ads have current promotions and offers.

When there is news to share with the internet public we provide the option of email marketing where we pull together new content on your site and email and send it to your clients. This invites them to visit your site or take part in any promotional offer you may be having. We work to create custom templates for your emails to allow your branding to be consistent and unique.

Another method to promote your brand is through banner ads, where we can generate leads by displaying them on target websites. Banner ads can lead directly to specific landing pages that are specific to your offer, or lead directly to specials on your site. Through them we are able to let people know the latest news relating to your brand when not on your site and elswhere on the internet. With the same pride and attention to detail we use with everything we create beautiful, and informative banner ads and monitor them closely for your convenience.

Digital Marketing can often seem daunting, but it is our pleasure to provide you with the best practices to promote your brand across the web through Blink Development's Orange County Internet Marketing Services. 

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We are a group of passionate Orange County Web Design professionals who take pride in the websites that we design and deliver. The satisfaction of our clients means the world to us and it shows in the engaging websites that we design and develop. Our Marketing and Management Team provides ongoing promotion and support, making Blink Development a Full-Service Website Partner.