Even the Big Guys Mess Up

Today’s world is all about go, go, go! And when it comes to business, companies are right up there with this motto. So with the fast paced environment we live in, mistakes can happen right? Well the answer to that question is yes! Even some of the best and well known companies have been known to make a mistake or two. It often appears shocking yet funny when these big leagues make a mistake. Check out a few humbling examples we were able to find!

New and Exciting Career with Blink Development

It is my first week here at Blink Development and it has been a great one. I am Jackie Leard, the new Content Specialist and a recent graduate of San Diego State University. I graduated this past May with a B.A. in Business and I held previous internships in marketing and event planning. Throughout my college career, I held many leadership roles and balanced school with internships and extra-curricular activities. I am a hard worker who is eager to learn and passionate about pursuing a career in Internet Marketing.

Two New Site Launches

Yesterday was an exciting day at Blink Development: we launched two new websites! Take a look and let us know what you think of both. is the largest online distributor of trampolines and is a food consulting company that connects suppliers to distributors.
Stay tuned, more site launches are coming soon!

First Month With Blink Development

With my first month down in the books here at Blink Development as I just started May 6, 2013, some moments were calm while others you could be up to your eyes in last minute changes before the weekend. Definitely have had to excel in multi-taking and the ability to handle multiple projects at once while still meeting certain timelines when assigned to me. Times can be stressful but all the hard work I have put in is really worth it to see the end results and be proud of my work.

Playing Catch Up

It's been an incredibly busy last six-plus months here at Blink — thanks in large part to our sales team, we've been brought on to develop websites for and/or do ongoing marketing for at least 15 clients so far in 2013. With so many new clients and new projects for existing clients, all of us at Blink have had some long days, weeks and months with a lot of late nights and weekend hours.

Happy 3rd birthday, Blink!

On a day full of jokes (I haven't decided what my personal favorite online joke was this year yet), here's a little bit of truth...

Share, Chat, and Connect Without the Use of Browser Tabs

As social interaction continues to be more and more popular online, Mozilla has a solution to make it easier to stay connected, share, chat, and update your audience. Currently, when you are online, the use of multiple tabs is required to stay connected with friends on all social sites. In a partnership with Facebook, Mozilla Firefox has released a beta version of its Social API, which plugs the social media site directly into the browser. This means that as you browse the internet, you will have constant access and visibility to your social sites.

Pheed Wants a Piece of the Social Media Market

Pheed is looking to compete with the big guys: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. What is Pheed? They are a new play-on-words social media platform hoping to be the next big thing in the world of social. To be competitive in this industry requires innovation, visual appeal, ease of use, and to have something that no one else is offering. Pheed thinks they may have found that with their “subscription model.” Since its soft launch last week they have gained approximately 1 million users, including celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, and B.O.B.

New Office!

Monday morning brought a great surprise for all the Blink Development employees: We had a new office! Our awesome managers spent all weekend moving our furiture to surprise us, and we all think it's pretty awesome! We have way more space now, and our office is still in the same building as the old office, so we're keeping our address the same!

Plus, a bunch of us just got new iPhone 5s in the last couple weeks, so what better way to show off our new diggs than with some fancy panoramas! 

What a good-looking group of people

We've had a handfull of staff changes over the past few months since we last took a group picture of all of us, so we decided it was definitely time to take a new one (in fact, our last one was outdated about a week after we took it!). So, we all dressed up and looked our best, and we're excited to show you our new staff photo!


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